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electric meat grinders Fabio LeonardiFabio Leonardi. Italian electric housewares and kitchen appliances: you can find here electric meat grinders and italian meat grinders, hand meat grinders, meat mincer, tomato juicers, fruit and vegetable juicers, food mixers and a whole range of italian food processors and kitchen aid appliances.

electric meat grinders and italian meat grinders

italian meat grinders
Technical characteristics of meat grinders motors: Spheroidal cast iron main gear. motor asyncronous with condenser. tension 220 V. 50 Hz.meat mincer - hunger system TC22 power 100 Watt. output revolution 110 rpm. permanent grease lubrication. Available in every tension.

T.C.22 HUNGER SYSTEM For the first time in a not professional machine today is available on our meat grinder TC22 the Hunger system, till today used just in butcher equipment. Thanks to this system it is possible to obtain a really thin ground meat working it just once. The knife, with replaceable blades, works on two plates cutting the meat twice.

NEW: Meat grinder T.C. 32

meat grinder Leonardi T.C.32 The new TC 32 "short" Leonardi is all in all a professional meat grinder: spiral system inside the main body of the machine, Stainless steel knife and plate, and powerfull motor are the most important characteristics. The spyral system allows the meat to move quickly and smoothly through the body of the machine with less turns. Subsequently, the meat is cut in perfection by the self sharpening stainless steel knife and plate. The motor with HP 1.5 guarantee the perfect results with any kind of meat. The screw feeder, the main body and the retaining ring are all made in cast iron treated with niploy, the square shaft, the drive shaft, the knife and the plate in stainless steel, to insure to the whole machine the longest duration. The motor is available in different version: standard, with painted iron cover or with stainless steel cover; also the gear box of the motor is available in two version: standard, with spheroidal cast iron main gear and double gear in nylon and steel, and the professional version, with spheroidal cast iron drive gear and steel double gear

hand meat grinders and meat mincers

hand meat grinders, handle grinders
Italian handle meat grinders: manual meat grinder in Italian cast iron treated with a special resin for alimentary us or in chemical nickel to guarantee maximum durability. Available in 3/5 diameters.

The world's smallest food grinder: The FLB food grinder was developed based on over 50 years of experience and is without a doubt the most pratical one on the market.
italian grinderThere are no plates, blades or accessories to keep track of. It is made up only of only two elements: the body and the grinder mechanism screwed into the handle so that is easy to clean. It is made of cast iron with niploy treatment that is absolutely hygenic; it is self-sharpening and requires no maintenance. It can grind raw or cooked meats, almonds, carrots, parsley and other herbs, dry bread, rice, biscuits, candied fruit, etc. It is ideal for use in preparing desserts, sauces, meat sauce, baby food, etc. Since it is mall none of the ground food gets wasted.

Handle meat grinders import:a complete range of grinders available in every sizes from TC5 to TC32. Completely built in tinned cast iron, the blades and the plates are in steel.

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The firm: Fabio Leonardi made the first tomato crusher in 1917. For over 80 years this practical, economical, safe and durable utensil has been distributed not just in italy but all over the world. The models now produced by Leonardi recall this long tradition united with the improvements developed during the years that made those machines more functional and durable, with the natural evolution of the design. In the Leonardi production there are also meat grinders for small and medium quantities, sacker machines, kneading machines and other accessories all connectable to the motors Leonardi.
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